Why choosing a wedding photographer needs to be top of your list, your numero uno, your first port of call.

Choosing a wedding photographer that’s right for you can be hard, but it is really important. You should get one booked as soon as possible. Here’s why:

The Good Ones get Booked Quick 

  • There’s a reason couples look a year or more in advance for a photographer. Good photographers get booked up quick, and they only do one wedding a day. Your goal is to get a photographer that suits your style and personality… and isn’t booked up yet! (Wedding sites like Rock N Roll Bride are a great place to start.)

Your photos need to go the distance.

  • Your wedding may be consuming your every waking moment now, but in years to come it will be a distant if blissful, memory. Photographs are all you’ll have to remember the biggest day of your life. Believe me, they will get more valuable as you grow older, and the memory grows more distant. Who doesn’t love looking at old photos of their family? . It doesn’t really matter whether you get an album, prints or just digital images (as long as you use them). I use and recommend Folio albums – have a look here)

You don’t want to fall out with your family.

  • If a friend or family member who likes taking photos is booked to photography your wedding then please think again.  It take a lot of practise and skill, as well as an interest and raw talent in taking photos. Plus a wedding is a complex set of events & emotions strung together. Its hard for someone without much experience, and even harder when there’s family relationships influencing how and when photos are taken. A professional photographer is a neutral outsider.

    Your most important priority AFTER the wedding will be having photos that do the day justice. If they are not like you imagined they would be or are simply sub standard, you WILL be disappointed. Before a wedding its all about money, but after a wedding the memories (AKA the photos) become priceless. Think how awful it could be for the relative who takes photos but messes them up. 

You need a photographer you  feel comfortable with.

  • Your photographer will be your companion on the most important day of your life. If you decided to save some money or didn’t do enough research, you could end up with a bad mannered disorganised photographer who doesn’t do the day justice, takes too long and photographs shots you haven’t asked for. There are plenty of stories of wedding photographers that didn’t listen to the Bride and just did as they pleased, annoying everyone, and sometimes spoiling the day.
  • Choosing a wedding photographer that will make you feel comfortable on the day will get you far better pictures. Period.