Some of my earliest memories are when I was about 8 taking photos on a school trip to the tower of London. I bought an SLR with money form my job in a bakery when I was 17  and went on to study Fine Art at University. All the while I’ve loved taking photos but it wasnt until I was 30 that I started to shoot professionally. 

I’ve lived in Bristol 13 years, and raised my kids here. I love where I live in East Bristol; we have great friends and neighbours.

Eight years ago I started, and am now creative director of, a free arts festival Redfest. You should come, it’s amazing. Very family friendly, great music and performing arts. I spent my twenties exhibiting in & organising contemporary art shows, performing and recording music. done bits of theatre, and writing about art & music.

For the last decade I had a lot of fun running a photography studio – Blue Skies Photography – with my partner Becky.