Getting married in Priston Mill has got to be one of the most tranquil places in the area. There’s nothing for miles around. So much so that you think the venue might not even be at the end of the long winding track from the main road.

Getting ready

Getting ready

This was another chapter in the Cooper family. I am lucky to have had the opportunity to photograph the three siblings of the Cooper family over the last few years, so have got to know them. (Thanks to siblings Matthew, Hannah & Jon from the family, and to Nicola who booked me originally about 7 years ago!)

After meeting Cheryl at her folks home, and getting a nice cup of tea with her dad… and some great getting ready photos, I shot off for the main event. Jon was already there, and taking the edge off the nerves with a bit of dutch courage.

Priston Mill, Bath

Jon & Cheryl were after fairly low key natural photographs, with a few formal family shots. We used the grounds of the venue to create some atmosheric shots and grabbed some informal portraits of the couple.


It was a joy working with these guys. So laid back, and calming to be around.

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