This is a bit crazy, I remember thinking to myself.

I was 2 mins into a phone conversation with a prospective wedding photography client and he was telling me – very matter of factly – his plans to ask his girlfriend to marry him. 

He wanted me to come along and photograph him proposing….and his friends and family would be there too, ready to leap out and celebrate after the act. I have to say I was impressed. He was going to a lot of effort. 


Jim had also invited parents, family and friends secretly to ‘jump out and surprise’ Katy straight after the proposal on pier. The plan was to drink champagne, celebrate right after.

If it went pear shaped at least he’d have some immediate consolation. I was really intrigued by this guy.

On the day, I hid in the cafe with some of Katy & Jim’s friends (including  James & Heather ) waiting for them to arrive on the Pier.

The absolute best part was that the engagement proposal was monumentalised with a plaque on the pier.

As part of the proposal, Katy was to be brought to READ his proposal, already mounted on the wall of Clevedon Pier.

Clevedon Pier Wedding Proposal Plaque, photograph .

It was pretty cool, the choice of words said it all.

Of course she said yes.

And she was blown away by the proposal AND the fact that all her best friends and her mum and dad and close family were there too. We all adjourned to the pub for a quick drink to celebrate, then found a couple of choice spots for photos.

So there’s three things to learn from here:

1/ make your proposal meaningful.

2/ Choose a nice place – Clevedon Pier is a great spot for a proposal (and an engagement photography session)!

3/It’ll work out fine


We found a secluded garden open to the public full of flowers out of the wind (the only downside on the day was the EXTREME wind situation).

So hats off to Jim. And a round of applause.

He got the girl of his dreams and did it with guts and romance.

Even if it was a little nuts.

Engagement photography on rocky Clevedon Beach by the pier, in Black & White