From the outset I knew this would be a well planned affair, I’ve worked with Della before and she s a fantastic owith a detailed list of shots of must haves’ and if thers times’.

However Della & Simon’s beautifully vintage Westbury-on-Trym wedding really was well planned and beautifully relaxed too.

The couple & Their friends and family had put in an awful lot of hard work to create an early 20ty century inspired vintage wedding that took in the grandeur and colour of the church & the quaint period stylings of Westbury-on-Trym village hall.


I’ve worked with these guys before, creating some family portraits for them, so I feel like I know them well now. It was a pleasure to see the warmth and support of their congregation, as they burst into spontaneouns applause after the ceremony.

Through the usual happy chaos of the brides preparations I grabbed a couple of shots that I love.

This one with Jeff, Della’s dad, in particular. But also the shots on the van and car outside.



A short drive away to the church and it was all happening. Congregation seated and expectant, and groom nervously pacing, meeting and greeting.

A quick check around at the church to spot anything I might have missed with the lighting & the doors being used for entrance and exits of bride and congratuion, and the car arrived. Some of my favourite images fuse abstraction with documentary style story telling, so these arrival shots through the camper van window ticked my boxes.

A few Group shots immediately after the ceremony used the blue church door to great effect (requested by Della, and a good shout), but it was at the reception – at Westbury-on-trym village hall – that the theme of the wedding really shone. Beautiful decoration and attention to detail went into creating a perfect village wedding which would’nt have looked out of place 80 years ago. Della’s friends & family had worked super hard & the place really lit up because of it.

A massive selection of cakes, great speeches and kids running about the grounds all afternoon made the wedding perfect.