How do I book?
If you would like to book a date, please let us know via email or a phone call, and we will pencil the date in.

Do you ask for a deposit?
Yes, we ask for a deposit to secure the date. This is typically £95, or 10% for bookings over £1,000. On payment of the deposit, we will send a confirmation of payment, and the date will be booked in.

When is the rest payable?
We ask for the rest of the payment on or before the wedding day. Some people like to pay on the wedding day in cash, in which case a receipt will be provided then.

What happens next?
On booking, we will send an invoice for the deposit, with a booking form to fill in the contact details, day’s schedule, music choices for the video and so on. Once the deposit has been paid and the form returned, we will book in a phone/ Skype call to talk through the details.

Do I have to sign a contract?
This is entirely optional- We can provide a signed contract on request

Before The Wedding

Do you do engagement shoots?
Yes, we do engagement shoots. 

Can we meet you before the wedding?

Yes, we are happy to meet before the wedding- please ask! I am based in Bristol so for bookings further afield sometimes a Skype call is easier.

Do you visit the wedding venue before the wedding?
We generally don’t visit beforehand, unless specifically asked to. We arrive in good time to check the venue, set up and have a chat with the wedding co-ordinator or service leader about where to set up the cameras.

We are also fully aware of times and locations within the venue by talking through the day with you beforehand, and on the day itself by constantly liasing with the videographer, ushers and wedding co-ordinator.

The Wedding Day

Do you provide backup in case of illness or emergency?
Yes, we work as part of a trusted team of professionals- and we provide backup for each other on the rare occasions somebody is ill or has an emergency.

Can you cover both the bride and groom’s preparations?
Yes, that’s fine- provided they are within a reasonable distance of each other. We won’t charge anything extra for this.

Can you stay after the first dance to cover some of the evening celebrations?
Yes, we normally ask for a bit extra to cover the evening celebrations – this is to cover  extra time, plus the editing afterwards. 

How do you work with the videographer?
 We normally have a quick chat at the start of the day, and keep talking throughout to make sure we don’t get in each others way. Never a problem working with other image professionals.

Delivery of Images

How are my photographs/ videos delivered?
This is your choice of file transfer via email, or USB stick through the post. For videos, the USB stick is ready to plug and play in all devices with a USB port. We recommend backing up all photos and videos after delivery.

How long before I receive my photography?
We aim to get everything finished and delivered within 2-3 weeks of the wedding day, however in busy periods this sometimes takes up to 4 weeks.