The BEST FESTIVAL of your life…

A festival themed wedding in Gloucestershire

It was fun, full of love and loved up like a festival should be. With music dancing and laughter.

The day started at Lucy’s grandparents house near Cheltenham. Early doors.

I was spotted by her grandma as I arrived and treated like part of the family from the outset. They are a lovely family- and they allowed me to get on with finding the best angles and shots for telling this part of the day, with no nerves or tears. Dad arrived, relatives popped in. Julie from Gloucestershire Wedding Hair had done a great job with Hair, Isabellas make up was beautiful, and she let me borrow her ring light (thanks!). Check her make-up out here

Lucy & Lewis had struggled to find a VW campervan for their trip to Friar court to get married, and to carry them on to Jenners Barn for the festival party and food. Instead they had a wonderful vintage Ambassador car from India. Classic English Chic on the outside, Indian State Wedding Glam on the inside.

“Possibly the most fun you can have in a field.”

Bride with Wedding car in front of Friars Court, Cotswolds

The rest of the day swang into gear when we arrived at Jenners Barn. The couple were showered in petals and confetti and the party began. The speeches were entertaining and emotional, and the food was delicious (I can testify to that)!

It was a great day with a great couple and it’s clear they have a wonderful life ahead of them together.



As always the morning accelerated.

Soon we were on the road, having got some great shots using the car and arriving at the wedding venue Friars Court, where they had elected to have an outdoor ceremony.

Alas, we were thwarted at the final moment as the rain set in just as the couple arrived.

Bah. English weather.

It however did nothing to dampen the spirit of the couple or the crowd, and the ceremony was emotional and joyful to experience, with a top reading from Bob, Lucy’s Grandad.

With the weather on the turn we quickly grabbed some group shots on the lawn outside as guests chatted and mingled.

I love it when we can grab a few shots unplanned, when something comes up that just HAS to be photographed. This was the case with next set of photos.

We had JUST chatted about how friends of theirs had recently used a field to great effect in their wedding photos, and 15 mins later on the way to the reception (and festival), we found a GREAT setting too. Enormous straw bales in a huge flat field.