With the call of a nautical Alan Partridge (Ahoy!) ringing in my head, we climbed the stairs to the ship, me snapping away as the bridal party bit down on its nerves & excitement, waiting to enter the room full of friends and family.

Judging by the eager gazes, broad smiles and knowing catches of the eye,  Heather and James are well loved by friends, family and colleagues.

An hour earlier I had been using the lovely natural light of the couples home for bridal shots and documenting the bridal parties final preps before leaving the house in a HUGE limo.

Honestly it was a beast. And I got to travel with them which was a real treat, and offered up a couple of great shots.

I have to say though, Heather shoes stole the show at times, and her nautical themed dress was fab.

On the boat, James was nervous and excited, and seeing him catch the eye of his bride as she strode in on the arm of proud dad Graeme was priceless.

After an emotional ceremony and with a few informal shots on deck afterwards, it was off to the reception.

Well executed and entertaining speeches from the brides dad and the three best men kept us entertained, and the selection of ciders were an instant hit.

I don’t think I’ve seen so much cider at a wedding before, and it certainly give a swing to proceedings.

Just before dark we managed to find some spots of a little more photography.

That’s what I love about this job. Working out how to create a great portrait or two from sometimes unlikeliest of places.

We found a great garage door right next to the venue that created the perfect minimal look for the couple.

Great fun, and a lovely couple 😉