There are 3 Main Styles of Wedding Photography.

Here’s a break down of them, and how to tell what’s right for you.

The ‘reportage’, ‘editorial’, ‘photojournalist’ style.

Yes, its confusing, but all these words mean pretty much the same thing.

Essentially its an approach that ‘tells the story’ of your day through natural, unposed images.

Kind of like the photos in ‘broadsheet’ newspapers like the Guardian or Independant. The way they are framed (where the interest of the photo is), how colour is used, what the action says about people in the picture.


Reportage or Documentary Style Wedding Photography


“The reportage approach is still a disciplined one”

It’s not a case of ‘just capturing’ what is there. It looks easy, but its not.

A good photographer will see a possible photo, analyse the light – its direction and quality – and wait for the shot to happen. Experience really counts here.

This anticipation and planning is crucial to getting images that tell a story.


Is it for you?

If you don’t like having your photo taken, and don’t want a photographer getting the way of your fun, this is the style for you.



2 Traditional (or Classic) Style


Theres still a lot of this original wedding photography style around, but posing in front of the venue, car, the gardens are all common images . And understandibly Brides and Grooms want to make the most of the stunning (and often expensive) settings and finery they have invested in.

There’s also more emphasis on groups of family with the bride and groom and bridal party.

Fine Art Wedding Photography


Classic Posing in front of a Bristol Landmark

Is it for you?

If you LOVE having your photo taken, LOVE the formality of a wedding and want to put aside 2 hours for portraits & group shots, (and you know your family will love it too), then choose this style.


3 Fine Art Wedding Photography

Perhaps the hardest to classify. Which is annoying as I often shoot in this style!

Usually using the architecture or landscape, it’s broadly speaking a stylised picture. Though how much stylisation (and what kind) depends on the photographer.

Some documentary wedding photographers style strays into Fine Art, but this tends to more subtle than some other wedding photographers that use photoshop to creatively enhance photos. Fine Art is as broad a term as the tastes of each photographer.


Fine Art Style, using flash and an atmospheric 15th Century setting.

To some, it’s a romantic style that uses lighting and composition, to others it’s using photoshop to enhance a picture, to some it’s the use of texture and colour that naturally occurs at the venue.

Is it for you?

If you want something a little different, that creates art from your photos without too much posing, and you want natural photojournalistic images, then this should be a hot contender.

So which do you like the most?

In reality, every wedding has a bit of all the above styles. Worth thinking about when it comes to your wedding! So what do you think? Is it any clearer?


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