Celia’s a friend who works in the environment sector in Bristol. Her city centre wedding was proof that you don’t need to invest a fortune to create a wonderful wedding.

I can honestly say it was one of the most joyful expressions of marriage I witnessed this summer.

Super relaxed and great fun too.

From the lively gathering of friends and family at the The Grand Hotel through the ceremony and the group photos afterward there was nothing but genuine love and laughter, playful banter and celebration of a couple obvoiusly held oin high regard by all around them.

Bristol city centre wedding

Grabbing quick shots as they interacted with friends led to a couple of great images, using door frames and a repeating reflection in mirrords as Celia swept past me out to the ceremony.

I love the Mayoral Room at the corn st offices. It’s got atmosphere. Everyone can hear the vows clearly. The bride and groom are close to the congregation. It just works. Really well.

As we left the building, Geoff’s uncle regalled us (and the rest of Corn St) with a roaring bagpipe number, there was spontaneous hugging and throwing confetti and petals.

What’s fantastic about this part of Brsitol is the old buildings and alleys that give a venetian feel to the photography. We made the most of the location with Corn St markets nearby and some posters & street art as backgrounds for these informal bridal portraits.


Then it was off to Castle Park for group shots. Now, I don’t make a great fuss of these. They need to be timely and fun for everyone, because no-one likes being herded around like a sheep.

Parents and grandparents love a good group shot though.  The gardens by the ruined abbey were a good shout by Celia, we got colour, nature and history in these images.

Then off they all went – by boat – up to Hotwells for drinks and a meal.

So much fun, and such an inventive way planning your wedding: use all the brilliant venues and variety that Bristol has to your advantage.